How it works

Step 1

Push loan documents to Coosta for simple post-close review

Step 2

The Coosta API automates the QC by checking for documents and signatures

Step 3

Easily cure, streamline and ship loan packages—quickly and securely

What Coosta is about

Coosta is the mortgage collateral transfer platform for the secondary market. We empower originators and investors to easily transfer, comply verify, communicate, cure and collaborate to ship loans quickly!

We are forging a new path in the mortgage secondary market, beyond spreadsheets, into a fast, seamless and amazing experience for mortgage professionals. Contact us now to get started.

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Benefits of Coosta

For Bankers & Originators

  • Trusted legal document signings
  • One easy-to-use platform for loan data transparency & access
  • Quicker loan funding lifecycle
  • Reduced dwell time
  • One simple platform for all mortgage entities
  • Rule-based systems for unique investor requirements
  • Eliminates coordination lag-time and costs
  • Real-time data & updates that eliminate spreadsheet issues and duplication
  • Streamlined funding process
  • Streamlined portfolio sale process

For Mortgage Owners & Investors

  • Document signings are completed online.
  • Effortlessly add rules or loan package requirements to shipping queues
  • Simple KYC process to sign docs
  • Cure loan packages easily and quickly
  • Savings on closing costs
  • Close on loan pools faster
  • Seamless mortgage process
  • Verified loan data = Loan QC cost savings
  • Secure encrypted document signings
  • Safe, secure platform -OR- Safe and secure platform